Monday, August 26, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 8

This past week has been exceptionally awesome! Michael was working in Linz all week, so I was able to run nearly every night. The running, plus my husband being home meant super chill Mommy all week long! It was so nice having help with Alexa. Michael often stays up later than I do, so he was on baby duty until he went to bed. He would also get her up and bring her in to me in the morning. This week has seriously been GREAT. I'm dreading the day he goes back to working away from home all week. I am feeling super spoiled right now.

Walking/Running. I ran every day this past week except for Friday. I kind of over did it on Thursday and so I needed a running rest day. Instead, I walked nearly 6k. As most of my friends and family can tell you, I am L-A-Z-Y! I would rather sit on the couch and do nothing over exercising. I hate the gym with a passion and I have always mocked all of my runner friends because their crazy butts are running all over town while I am leisurely and comfortably watching my favorite show on TV. Well, my attitude has done a full 180. I honestly never thought I would like running. Now, I look forward to running time. I was so disappointed when Michael came home late on Thursday night because I had gotten into my running clothes and was ready to roll at 5pm. Can you believe it, me liking running? There must have been a full moon!

Strength Training/Ab work out. I've been doing the strength training exercises just about every other day. However, I have been busting out those horrendous, ab killing Jackknife Crunches every day. I have even added the Pilates Leg Pulls.

Food diary. I'm starting to slack on the food diary. I haven't written in it since Monday. Yikes. Since I have seriously been making great food choices, I might try and phase the food diary out. If I start slipping (which I hope I will not do), then I'll get back into it. (I was working on this blog post on Friday, it's Monday morning and I'm here to tell you...the food diary will be 100% back in effect this week. Apparently, without the food diary I am like a small child sneaking into the cookie jar. Shame.)

Weigh in.  I have been looking forward to weighing in since last Monday. Last week's weigh in was such a shock that I have been oozing with anticipation about how this week will go. Since I have been running so often this past week, I have really high hopes for an awesome number this week. Annnnnnnnd the scale says that I lost .20kg (.44lb). Not nearly as dramatic or exciting as I was hoping for, but I still lost something, even if it was just a little bit!

Healthy snacks. I didn't even try to make almond butter like I said last week. HOWEVER, I made two really awesome things instead: Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Bread and Buckwheat Stuffed Squash.

Goals for Week 9:
Keep on running!!!

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