Monday, August 5, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 5

Week 4 was awesome! I have been "thinking thin" and feeling thin all week. Michael even noticed and commented on my weight loss this weekend. Talk about a total self confidence boost! Of course, after gaining weight last week I couldn't wait to see what the scale would say on I weighed myself on Saturday - down 1.6 kg (3.52 lbs)!! And again today...

Walking. It has been so incredibly hot this past week that I really didn't get in as much walking time as I had originally planned. However, I had an awesome run on Sunday and was so pumped after it. Holy adrenaline, Bean!

Strength Training/Ab work out. I'm really proud of how well I've been doing with both the Strength Training and the Ab work out. I also found a new round of exercises that are hardcore and terrifying looking, but I think I might give them a try this week. (Key word, might.)

Here's the link to the new exercises: Scary, Hardcore Fat Busting Exercises
(Just scroll down and then you'll see the list. Each exercise has it's own video to show you the proper way to do it.)

Food diary. I am really proud to say that I did NOT eat a single piece of chocolate this week!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! I also have noticed an awesome new pattern emerge in my food diary. If I eat a good breakfast, a small mid-morning snack (or not), a later lunch, an afternoon snack (this definitely) and dinner, then I am not hungry after dinner. I think before I was eating so sporadically and such random sized meals that I was constantly hungry.

Chocolate. This category is outta here!!!!!

Weigh in. I was so excited about my weight loss this week! So, since I just had to see what was up (or down) I weighed myself on Saturday and was down 1.6 kg (3.52 lbs), I wonder what this mornings weigh in will bring...that's right folks, I've lost a whopping 1.9 kg (4.18 lbs) this week! Woot woot!

Healthy snacks. I have been eating an apple or a pear almost every day as my afternoon snack. It is sweet, healthy and fills me up until dinner time. If I find myself hungry enough to have a snack after dinner, I've been trying to have 1-2 rice cakes with peanut butter. Many of you probably grimaced and groaned "ewww rice cakes". I'm one of the few weirdos on the planet that actually like the taste of rice cakes. Go figure! You could probably also do peanut butter and crackers or cheese and crackers for a good night time snack.

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