Monday, August 12, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 6

This past week was pretty decent. I started doing one of the  Scary, Hardcore Fat Busting Exercises, the jackknife crunch (um....OUCH!). I also really ran for the first time this week. I have been working my way up to running...or rather, I've been doing the run-walk: Run for 2 seconds, walk for 10 know, baby steps. On Thursday night I went for a mybrainisoverflowingicanthandleanythinganymoreifirunfastenoughmaybeiwillfly kind of run. It felt amazing.

Walking/Running. This week (Mon-Fri) I've walked and ran a total of 8.07km. I usually do an average of two kilometers, three times a week, so unless we go hiking, this week was an exception to the rule!

Strength Training/Ab work out.  Still busting out the strength training and ab exercises just about every other day. My legs and butt feel great, but I still haven't seen much improvement in my stomach. This whole getting in shape nonsense is hard work!

Food diary. This is my second chocolate free week which is amazing because I've been pmsing all week. No chocolate and no dead bodies?! I deserve a medal. :) I'm bringing my food diary on vacation with me to Poland. S-C-A-R-Y. I'm pretty sure every day will read: breakfast - Pierogies, lunch - Pierogies, dinner - Pierogies. Please don't let me gain too much weight!

Weigh in. Last week's weight loss was like my holy grail. I only hope that this week I have done well too. I had to weigh in on Friday because of our Road Trip to Wroclaw 2013. As of Friday afternoon (I know, what dope weighs themselves in the middle of the day?!?! Me.), I have LOST another 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs). I am so excited!! That brings my grand total weight loss to 3.5 kg or 7.7 lbs in 6 weeks. I could not be happier!

Healthy snacks. This week I went old school with the snacks and nibbled on granola bars and cheese and crackers. I even indulged on an UNhealthy snack: an ice cream cone with two scoops of deliciousness!

Do you have any weight loss tips or exercises that I can try? I have a touch of self-diagnosed exercise ADD so I get bored pretty quickly. What has worked for you in the past?

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