Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My skin is sweating

I used to love summer. The heat. The sun. The beach. The smell of suntan lotion and that gorgeous copper color of my skin come August. Summer meant freedom, no school, no homework and best of all summer meant vacation and friends! Screeeeeech....um oops I guess that was a while ago (like 20 years). Now, as I sit here at 9:40pm, twenty years post summer lovin', I am sweating in my third set of clothes since this afternoon. Why? Because here in Austria we are having a brutal heatwave and at nearly 10pm, the thermometer on my balcony reads 31 C (87.8 F) and the thermometer in the apartment reads 28.4 C (82.4 F). Where oh where is my beloved air conditioning?? That's right, I left it in America with all those other cool things. Alas, my complaining must come to an end and I have the perfect "cool" solution...

Yup, this is an awesome sweaty picture of me, but the delightfully delicious iced alcoholic beverage in my hand makes me not care!

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