Monday, August 26, 2013

50th Day of a Healthier Me

Today marks the 50th day of becoming a healthier me. Fifty days, that's a long time! I am really proud of myself for sticking with all of this exercise and healthier living.  I would like to share some of the motivation behind my Mommy Makeover.

The day before I gave birth, I was weighed in at 103kg, that is 226.6lbs! DISGUSTING. I was very pregnant, I had been on bed rest for nearly three months and at that point I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. I basically put on over five pounds of water weight in three days. Well, hello Michelin Woman! It was crazy. I gained 63 pounds during my pregnancy. That is the equivalent of what, an eight year old? After Alexa's birth I dropped an easy ten pounds. In the first two weeks that followed, the weight seemed to just fall off.

Around weeks 2-3 post birth is when I found chocolate. I ate my weight back up five kilos in just under a week. That is over ten pounds of chocolate weight! I started getting depressed because the weight wasn't dropping anymore. I was also really exhausted. Months of walking, eating alright, eating chocolate and (shockingly!) not seeing any more weight loss led me farther and farther away from any kind of motivation to do anything.

One day, my cousin, insane girl that she is, said that I was motivating her to start walking and try to lose some weight. I was motivating her?? How is that even possible? It was about three hours after she said that that I decided to start my own Mommy Makeover. I could not sit around, eating chocolate and doing nothing and become someone else's motivation to get healthy. So I got off the couch. At first I was so unmotivated, but after losing 1kg (2.2lb) that first week my mojo returned! The better I eat, the more energy I have, the more energy I have the further I can run, the more I run the happier I am. IT IS AN AWESOME CIRCLE!

At the start of Mommy Makeover I was at 92kg (202.4lb), still substantially heavier than I had ever been pre-pregnancy. I am happy to say that as of today I am at 86.6kg (190.5lb). In 8 weeks, 50 days, I have lost 5.4kg (11.88lb). I am working my way, slowly, but surely back to a healthy weight. I am 11.6kg, or 25.52lb from my pre-pregnancy weight. Losing weight is painfully slow. Very painfully slow at times, but I feel like I am doing it the right way. No crash diets, fad diets, pills or anything else crazy. I am just working out every day, I am making healthier food choices every day and I am moving around every day. It's the choice that I make every single day.

Happy 50th Day of a Healthier Me!

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