Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Awesome Crayon Craft Project

I love Pinterest! I love finding new recipes and cool home improvement ideas and most of all...I love the neat craft projects I've seen on there. A few months ago I saw this awesome post about a Crayola crayon craft idea. My mom and I decided to give it a try. I took pictures as we went along to give you an idea of how I did the project.

First, gather all of your supplies...
     *Crayola crayons (we used 47 crayons total, but collected the colors we wanted from the box of 120 crayons)
     *Canvas (we used a 12X16 sheet)
     *hot glue gun and 3-4 glue sticks
     *heat gun (or blow dryer)

Once all the materials were collected I organized the crayons into a rainbow. I wanted a simple project so I just used reds (7), oranges (6), yellows (6), greens (8), blues (7), purples (7) and pinks (6). I used 47 crayons all together. Once you open up your box of crayons you can choose the shades of each color that you like. Next I organized the crayons in the order that I wanted to glue them down in.

Once I had the crayons set up we got ready to glue them onto the canvas. We prepped the work area with newspaper to keep the melted crayons from ruining the table. Then we started gluing each crayon onto the canvas.

I wanted to see the Crayola written on each crayon so I glued them down accordingly. I've also seen some of the melted crayon art done so that the name of the color was face up. That was pretty cool too. Once all of the crayons are hot glued onto your canvas it looks like this...

Now you're ready to start using the heat gun to melt the crayons. **WARNING** the heat gun should be operated by an adult.  I started moving from the left corner to the right corner in a horizontal movement, but that didn't seem to do anything, so I tried focusing on just a few crayons at time with short vertical movements. This seemed to work much better!

As the crayons start to melt, you can use the heat gun to attempt to direct the direction in which the wax melts. I kind of just let it melt however at first and then at the end went over bigger globs with the heat gun.

The finished project! I can't wait to hang this in Alexa's room at home!


  1. Did u do it??? I've been wanting to do one! Where did you get the heating tool? :)

    1. Yes we did. The picture is the one that we made. We did it at my mom's house. We bought the heating tool at an arts and crafts store, but you can also use a blow dryer. My mom did one with the blow dryer and it came out really cool too. It ends up having more of a splatter effect.

    2. So cool!!! I still have this post bookmarked :D hahaha!
      Did you bring it to Austria?!

    3. Of course we did! I would like to find a shadow box frame to put it in and then I want to hang it in the bean's room.