Friday, August 9, 2013

Road Trip to Wroclaw 2013

We're getting ready to go on our first hardcore road trip with Alexa today. After weeks of stressing out about what a terrible idea this was, I finally got a grip and got excited instead. I love road trips! Michael and I always end up having so much fun on the way to our destination (We have fun when we get there too!). The most ridiculous things always end up happening to us while we attempt to take a simple, relaxing vacation.....driving through cornfields, car breaking down on the highway, almost getting hit by a bus...the stories are endless! Well, this trip should be extra fun. Not only are we driving 600km (373mi) from Austria to Poland, but we are doing this with our 5 month old who hates the car and her car seat even more and my sister in law who, I'm pretty sure doesn't cry when she gets buckled in! Welcome to Road Trip to Wroclaw 2013! (And no, I do not speak Polish, so yes, I pronounce the city name Ro-claw.)

As of Thursday we weren't sure if our road trip car was going to be my in-laws 23 year old tank - the VW (pronounced Vee-Dub), or if we would have to rent a car. Both options had positive and negative aspects. The VW - comes free, has a cool box thing on top of the car for added storage, doesn't have air conditioning, is a tank. Rental Car - is the exact opposite of free, no cool box thing for extra storage, might be a larger car, will definitely have air conditioning. We ended up with the trusty VW.

Since Alexa is all of 25 inches long, it is clear that she will need approximately 98% of all the available storage in the car for her stuff: pack n play, pack n play mattress (oh yes, my in-laws bought her a tempurpedic pack n play can I squeeze in there too??), stroller, car seat, ginormous bag of clothes, bibs, burp clothes, baby carriers, bath stuff, food stuff, sleeping stuff, awake pretty much never ends, plus all of her toys to maybe keep her entertained and happy in the car vs. sad, crying baby.  She has so much stuff that Michael and I have to stuff our clothes into a back pack. (Just kidding!)

Anyway, I am super excited for this trip! We are going to visit the second oldest zoo in Europe and explore what looks like a really neat city in Poland. The food. Have you ever had Polish food? Oh.My.God. It's to die for. I can't wait for the food!! Plus, Alexa gets to meet her great-grandma and great-grandpa, and her great aunt and great uncle. After some family visits, we are heading out to Michael's uncle's lake house. Three glorious days, relaxing at the lake. It's going to be awesome!

So, wish us well. Michael's dad said it will take around 8 hours to get there (6 1/2 hours?!?! Google maps you lying piece of poo!), but it will more realistically take us 10-12 hours with nursing breaks, crying breaks and actual driver breaks.

Let's do this!!

What was the farthest you've ever driven with your infant/child? Where did you go? How did you keep them entertained along the way?

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