Monday, July 1, 2013

Real Jeans!!!!!

Today for the first time in almost a year, I am wearing a pair of regular jeans. Not maternity jeans. Not yoga pants. Real.Regular.Elastic-free.Jeans!!!!! Now, when I say that I am wearing them, it is not completely true that they fit me well. Well, they fit me? I got them up over my post pregnancy elephant thighs and around my new AWESOME butt (I'm not being sarcastic here at all - I never had a butt my family we go back to thigh in a straight line.) and if I suck in really hard, I can totally button them!!! Okay, so I can't quite zip them up yet...I'm working on it! And you know, I am absolutely, 100% wearing them out in public today. I slapped on a belly band and even was nice to myself and did the "elastic band button" and I am rocking these jeans!!!!

Self-esteem - 1000% increase today!

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