Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bean Sprouting's gone social!

 I am not really computer savvy, unless you count my awesome ability to beat Candy Crush levels!  I learn different things about blogging and the internet every time I turn on the computer. Well, I've started this blog and now I have to follow through, so here it is...

Bean Sprouting has gone social! We are now on Facebook! Come like us here: Bean Sprouting: Raising our Bean

So far the Facebook page includes a picture of me and my Bean and the link to the blog! Hahaha I will eventually figure out how to actually link the blog to the Facebook page and I'm sure I'll start posting photos soon too!

We even have our own email address too! Feel free to contact me at beansprouting1@gmail.com.

Happy Monday Tuesday!


  1. Fantastic!!!! I really love your new background ^^


  2. Thank you! I thought this was more of a "baby growing" theme. :)

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