Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Book, the doctor and the internet...

Baby food facts are different based on every book or article you read.

Your babies first food should be rice cereal. Rice cereal is the McDonald's of baby food. Start with vegetables. Start with fruits. What the heck am I supposed to feed my kid?!?!

How is a new mom supposed to know what the right answer is regarding feeding a baby their first solids??? Everything you read contradicts what you read the day before! Honestly, I'm doing a combination of listening to my pediatrician, skimming articles online, talking to friends and going with my gut! There's so much information out there and it all overlaps, undermines and confuses the heck out of us new moms.

The only consistent fact I have found is this: When introducing a new food, give that same food for three (3) consecutive days before starting another new food. I guess that must really be a tried and true test if all the books, doctors, websites and real people agree on it!

Onto our next week of veggiedom - green veggies and introducing combos!

This week's menu:
Spinach and Rice combo
White potatoes
Sweet Potato and Potato combo

Something happened to the spinach and rice cubes when I thawed them out, so we skipped those and started peas instead. Peas are definitely not Alexa's favorite veggie, but she tolerates them. Tonight I'm giving her the first combo - peas and carrots! 

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