Wednesday, July 31, 2013


On Sunday, I finally got to go on my awesome self-improving, baby fat burning, no pain-no gain power walk/run with no stroller, no baby...just me and my insane thoughts and that lady panting behind me...oh wait, that was me. It was awesome! I ran, I walked, I covered new territory and I busted my butt!

When I got home I was swimming in sweat, my heart was still pounding, but I was feeling great!...until I opened the apartment door and a wall of smoke and a burning smell hit me in the face.  I ran in, asked what was burning and looked for the baby. She was in bed sound asleep as was Michael on the couch. As soon as I asked what was burning Michael jumped off the couch, said, "Your eggs!" And headed to the kitchen. Oh eggs.

Let's rewind a bit...

On Saturday night Michael went for a kick ass 28km bike ride around Linz. When he came home all amped up on adrenaline he said I could go for a run Sunday morning and he'd watch the baby. Score! I'm on it!

Sunday morning rolled around and I got up at 6am, changed and then nursed Alexa, made myself breakfast and ate it, washed the dishes, turned on the dishwasher, started hard boiling eggs, turned the washing machine on, got all our stuff ready for the pool, got dressed for my run, hung the wash and then finally woke Michael up so I could go for my run, about 40 minutes later returned from my awesome run and ...crap, I never turned off the eggs!   We opened all the windows to clear out the smoke and smell, but I tell you, it's still lingering.

I can honestly say I never knew an over cooked egg would explode and cover a kitchen so thoroughly. If I had been thinking I would have definitely taken pictures. Instead, I washed egg off the walls and ceiling, rewashed all the dishes in the sink and also those drying next to the sink because obviously they were egg covered. Meanwhile, Michael had already cleared the majority of the exploded eggs from the counters and the pot itself, and he was sweeping egg splatter off the floor, counters and even the window before he mopped it all up..

Now, my only question is...when will the burnt rotten egg smell leave our apartment?

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