Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby Antics #2 and #3

I think it's pretty cool and slightly amazing that we've made it 4 1/2 months and Alexa has only pulled one other crazy-ish stunt. That said, I am counting this as Baby Antics #2 and #3 because, well, keep reading and you'll find out why!

So the other night I put Alexa into bed and we had our usual routine of bed, bink, blankey, night night...about five minutes later I hear her fussing, no big deal. Her new sleepytime routine includes whining into her lovey as she falls asleep. Don't even ask me where that came from! So, I hear her fussing, I ignore her and go about looking for something decent to watch on tv when her fussing turns into a weird cry. I paused for about one second, trying to decide if I should leave her be or just go in there. Well, I'm a sucker and I hate when she cries so I immediately went in to her. Thank God I did!! My child had her blanket pulled up and over her face and couldn't get it off. I pulled the blanket off and she had this look of fear and panic on her face. Poor little Bean! We had some serious cuddle time before she calmed down enough to try and go back to bed. After pulling all blankets, bears and loveys out of her crib I put her back to bed. Five minutes later I hear her again! There's nothing in her crib except her and her binky so I say, forget it, I'm going to give her a minute to situate herself. The crying increases and again turns into a strange cry so I go straight in...she's somehow managed to get both legs stuck in the crib bars. I can't make this stuff up. When this kid doesn't want to go to bed she comes up with some pretty creative ways to make sure I take her out of that crib!

Lessons learned:
*Playing peekaboo with baby's bedtime blanket is DUMB!
*A moving baby gets in trouble...constantly.
*Knowing my child's cries came in very handy.

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