Sunday, July 14, 2013

FroYo Update

My homemade FroYo experience has not been as great as expected...

Ingredients - awesome. Easy recipe - awesome. Delicious, creamy frozen treat - FAIL.

I left the yummy FroYo in the freezer over night and now it is a brick of frozen ingredients! Apparently, you do need to follow the online recipes to a T. I am sad now. I really wanted delicious FroYo goodness. Maybe it really only needs to freeze for like 2 hours?! If that is the case then these recipes get a thumbs down in my book. I like to prep stuff ahead of time, so when I am craving that sweet (chocolatey) taste, I just need to grab something out of the fridge, freezer, or cabinet.

Maybe it's possible to make some slight adjustments to my doctored recipes...adding crushed ice and blending the entire combo for an instant, ready-to-eat frozen treat? Must buy more Greek yogurt!

And onward I go in my quest for delicious, but healthy snacks...


  1. Better luck next time, Danielle! I'm sure you'll get the perfect froyo if you continue practicing. Anyway, are you doing this for business purposes? Why don't you just invest in franchising? It'll be easier to start your business if you're a franchisee. :)

    1. I still haven't seemed to get it right. Any good recipes for me to try? I'm just a mom, hanging at home with my awesome little girl and I am trying to become healthier! I love cooking and messing around in the kitchen, so I thought I'd given frozen yogurt a try.