Saturday, July 6, 2013

A baby's gonna do what a baby's gonna do.

Towards the end of my pregnancy and then again after Alexa was born, a friend of mine told me not to expect to be able to have my child on a schedule any time soon. She said that as soon as the baby would get into a routine they would switch it up and do the total opposite the next day. She said knowing this up front would save me a lot of headaches. I managed to keep her advice in mind for a long time...then I actively tried to schedule my baby. It worked for three (3) days. They were three amazingly glorious days. She slept wonderful naps (she did so before this schedule as well), went to bed nicely at night and best of all...SLEPT at night. She was only waking up ONCE...that is one time from bed time to wake up time. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Then today occurred and she said that was enough of that. She has napped randomly, barely eaten at all and was a super crank butt all day. Now, she might have a little cold (that's what I'm saying it is...), or she's just being a baby and she's had enough of my routine and she's switching it up. Well, as long as she eats, sleeps and poops as dictated by the job description of a baby, well, then we will figure out what her new schedule is tomorrow!

P.S. Dear love baby, I really hope you continue to sleep so well at night. It makes Mommy very, very happy and I extra love you for it too! Love, Mama

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