Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 4

Wow, I can't believe three full weeks have gone by since I started this challenge...and yes, for me this is a challenge. I looked in the mirror the other day and I actually felt thinner. I haven't "thought thin" in quite a while. I'm looking forward to actually continuing on in this quest for healthiness, because that is what this is. I'm not just trying a new fad diet, or to drop a whole bunch of weight instantaneously (but that would be nice!). I am consciously trying to eat healthier, pay attention to what I am eating and putting into my body, and trying to live a more active lifestyle. On top of all of those huge goals, the most important one for me is to develop a good body image. Woah, what a horrible admission. I have a terrible self body image. This is something that I do not want my daughter to have when she grows up and if I can help her develop a great sense of self and an appreciation for her body then I am going to have to start with myself.

Week 3 went pretty well. I think I am slowly, but surely starting to fall into a routine of when I can exercise and get out and be active. I will admit that the heaviest exercising I do is usually on the weekend when Michael and I take the Bean out for a hike, a stroll around town, or to the pool. It's a lot easier to be motivated when you've got someone else along for the ride!

Walking. I've definitely been able to incorporate walking into my daily activities and errands a little better now. I would like to be able to go for at least one hardcore power walk by myself each week without the stroller and the little jellybean inside it!

Tae Bo. I took a break from Tae Bo last week and I think I'm going to take a break next week too. I'm going to look for another work out dvd because I am starting to get bored with this routine.

Strength Training/Ab work out. Banged it out this week! I did both my ab work out and strength training routine 4 days last week! My legs are starting to feel like awesome, powerful rocks again. With the strength training routine, I am definitely starting to feel a difference in my butt and thighs, but I haven't yet noticed a difference in my abs. I am assuming it is because after pregnancy your abs have basically pulled completely apart and it takes quite a while to repair those now spaghetti like muscles.

Food diary. I'm still keeping up with the food diary and I think I am starting to see some good changes. I have been eating more fruit during the day as a snack instead of cookies, chocolate, etc. However, I would like to see that roll over into the evenings when the chocolate part of my brain takes over.

Chocolate. I ate at least a small (if not large) piece of chocolate every day this week. Shame.

Weigh in. I was really excited to get on the scale this morning because I really felt thin, was thinking thin and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck! Alas, after this weigh in...I've gained 0,6 kg (1.32lbs). I'm not giving up though! I'm going to keep thinking thin and do better this week.

Healthy snacks. I slacked off on the quest for healthy snacks. On Friday, I did make berry popsicles using frozen wild berries and water. I can't wait to taste them!

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  1. A mommy makeover refers to plastic surgery on someone who has had children. It usually includes a tummy tuck and a breast lift.