Monday, July 22, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 3

All of the Baby Weight Be Gone posts will now be called Mommy Makeover. I'll post an update on how I am doing and my total weight loss every Monday!

Week 2 was a total disaster. I was really disappointed that I didn't lose more weight in Week 1 and really lost my determination this past week. The scale was spiting me, so I decided to be spiteful too...I barely walked, totally neglected to do Tae Bo, but did in fact do the Strength Training routine. Guess who I hurt? Yup, myself. It's a good thing that I am not stubborn at all!

Well, after a full week of slacking off we decided to take a hike with the little bean. It was her first hike ever and she did amazingly well. We were gone for nearly 3 hours and hiked just shy of 11 km. Let me tell you, I was in PAIN when we got home! Every single part of my body hurt, but it was a good hurt! I feel like the hike kind of made up for my super slacking ways during the week. And for every horsefly bite I received on the hike,  I learned that if I was in better shape I could have walked faster and then I would not have nearly 40 itchy, hot, painful horsefly bites ALL OVER my entire body!

Walking. HAHAHAHA yeah right. I barely did any additional walking this week. I can give you all of my excuses: no time, too tired, too hot, cranky baby...but that's all that they are - excuses. I will try to be better this week.

Tae Bo. It was more like Tae Not this week. God, I am really starting to feel bad about how much I slacked off last week :/

Ab work out. Finally, something I did in fact do!! I worked really hard at the Strength Training routine this past week. I think for Week 3 I might even up the ante and try some of the "Make it harder" options. I even added the other ab work out in one day last week!

Food diary. I have stuck to the food diary even though I feel like it's kind of turned into my very own mean, older sibling. It's always mocking me for the bad food choices I make. It points out every extra calorie I eat and all of the snacks I have. The only nice thing it ever said is that I drink a lot of water. It is so rude!

Chocolate. Yeah, chocolate is getting it's own header! I think I did an okay job cutting down on my chocolate this week. I ate a lot more fruit and it was totally satisfying. I might actually overcome this addiction! I would also like to announce that I did not eat a single piece of chocolate on Sunday! This is HUGE! I might finally be on the road to chocoholic recovery.

Weigh in.  Ok, so after this morning's weigh in, I have lost another 1 kg! After two weeks I am now down 2 kg, or 4 1/2 pounds! This actually made me smile today. Yes, this is a loooooooong and slooooooooow process and I am all about easy and quick results, however, slowly, but surely the weight is in fact coming off. Go Mama go!

Healthy Snacks. Here are my 2 new healthy snacks for the week...
1. Banana Oatmeal Bars
2. Frozen Watermelon - Best summer treat! Super refreshing and could it get any easier? Cube a watermelon and freeze it. Oh happy day! I even stuck some in a glass of water for a nice, ice cold, refreshing drink.

New/Updated Goals for Week 3:

Stop being lazy and actually walk this week - 30-minute walk 4-5x per week
Get off the couch and do Tae Bo (at least 3x per week)
Amp up the Strength Training at least 2x this week (so 2x hard, 2x normal)
Keep up the food diary
Attempt to limit to one chocolatey snack per day (this is a goal in progress)
Lose 1kg (2.2lbs)
Come up with at least 2 more healthy snacking options

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