Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh what a week!

We had a rough few days this week with missed nap times and a bit of a tummy bug. Let me tell you, babies are complicated! They can't just talk and say "hey mom, my tummy hurts!" They apparently use secret code cries and hand signals to let us know what's going on...and no one gave me the decipher!

All of last week something was wrong...Alexa was vomiting, I thought it was because I gave her avocado...Alexa had a low grade fever, I thought it was from teething...Alexa was pulling off and crying during nursing (until she refused to nurse at all), I thought she might be going on a nursing strike, or maybe she had an ear ache. I was wrong...about everything! I brought her to the pediatrician's on Monday after an entire weekend of inconsolable, heart-breaking crying. I told the doctor what I thought: ear infection, and she told me I was wrong. She then told me that Alexa has a stomach virus. WOW, that came from left field, but actually, if you look at all of her symptoms again, well...I guess the doctor could be right. Poor baby, it's horrible to see her unhappy and not feeling well.

Thank god it's Thursday! The Papa comes home tonight and this Mama will be begging for a sleep break!

Despite an upset tummy, Alexa has learned some pretty cool new things this week. She was able to drink out of her sippy cup all by herself for the first time.

She also found her toes for the first time...while she was in the tub. It definitely made for an interesting bath time, since she completely refused to do anything but hang onto her toes, wave them and wiggle around in the tub!

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