Thursday, July 18, 2013

I ❤ Online Coupons!

There is nothing that brings me greater joy than not paying full price for things. If we lived in the US, I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those extreme couponers. Seriously. It's that great. Here in Austria, coupons come far and few between. You find a coupon for something and it's like Christmas Day! Even when the grocery store has something like buy 1, get 1 free or buy 1 for 1,79€ or 2 for 2.99€ I feel like a kid in a candy store (even if you actually end up spending more money or saving very little).

Ever since our visit to the US, I have been very jealous about my friend's ability to buy diapers and wipes online and have them delivered straight to her door. No schlepping diapers all over town (we're carless over here).  At the beginning of the month I hit the stores that have "Baby Days" and I fill the stroller up and also have to carry an additional bag full of diapers and wipes back home. It's not horrible, but could you imagine just waking up to a giant box of diapers and wipes delivered straight to your door!! Glorious! What's even friend ALWAYS finds awesome coupon codes to make the outrageous cost of diapers super low!! I am green with envy.

I had mentioned my jealousy to a friend and she told me about two different diaper delivery services available here in Austria! Suh-weeeeet! First thing this morning I logged on and compared prices. After deciding which diaper delivery service to go with, I searched for online coupons and hit the JACKPOT! Now, I signed up for a "Pampers Sparplan" which I had to pay 10€ to sign up for (annoying). I then bought a huge case of pampers that will seriously last us at least a month and a half, if not longer, for the amount of money I usually pay at the store for one month of diapers. I also bought a case of wipes. The total price came to over 60€ (nearly $80), but then I saved 20% from the Pampers Sparplan and after adding in the online coupon code that I found I saved another 10€, bringing my savings to a whopping 18€!! This is basically unheard of here. I did a dance. Literally got up from the computer and danced around. Alexa thought it was great. For a month and a half plus worth of diapers and possibly 2-3 months worth of wipes I paid what I normally pay for one month of diapers. Happy dance, happy dance!

So, for all of my diaper buying Austrian or German friends here is the coupon code:

10€ gutschein on a purchase of 40€ or more for New Customers Only (Good until Oct. 31, 2013)


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  1. Thanks for the info!! This is great to know if and when I have kids ;)