Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Funday: Cardboard Box Coloring & Building a Box House

Sunday Funday is back. Here's another great family activity that your little ones will love!

Get Imaginative.  We decided to build a cardboard box house. All you need is a large box (that you don't plan on using again), some crayons or markers and a pair of scissors. (*Cutting a cardboard box can be difficult, this should be done by an adult.)

This activity ended up developing along the way. We started off sticking Alexa in a large empty box with some crayons. That was a little too much for her, however, she did enjoy dropping and picking up all of her crayons repeatedly in the box. She also enjoyed handing me crayons to draw with. After a few minutes she was over my baby in a box idea and was ready for something else. I can absolutely see this being a great idea for an older toddler. It lets them get creative and crazy in a contained environment. If you have a wall scribbler, cardboard box coloring is definitely for your little one!

I decided to make her a little house out of the box. She loves her play tent and really enjoys when I build her forts to play in, so I thought a cardboard house might be fun. We flipped the box upside down. I drew a door on one side and two windows, one on each side. I then used scissors to cut the doors and windows open.

Alexa had fun helping to decorate and color the outside of her house.

Then we played! She loved playing peekaboo through the windows and door. She liked when I would knock on the door and she would push it open from inside. It was a great way to role play a few daily greetings..."Hello, how are you?" - open the door, "Bye-bye" - shut the door. I also told her some opposites: open/close, in/out.

One day she flipped the box onto it's side and played inside for quite a while. I guess some houses have their door on top!

She has really been enjoying her house. She plays with it, in it, or on it nearly every day. It was definitely a great Sunday activity.

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