Saturday, February 22, 2014

Apple Stamping

Alexa got a small little stamper as a treat from someone recently, a toy that is much much too small for her to be playing with right now. The stamper did get me thinking that stamping would be fun for her. She loves doing dots with her crayons and stamping requires that same movement. I decided to make her some infant safe stamps using apples.

2 apples
2-4 cookie cutters
a knife

I started off by cutting the apples in half. I then stuck a cookie cutter into the middle of one of the apple halves.

Then using the knife, I cut about 1/4-1/2 inch around the cookie cutter.  Once you remove the cookie cutter you have an apple stamp!

I made star, flower and moon stampers.

Using finger paints, I dipped the stampers in the paint and then helped Alexa stamp them on her paper. After a few practice stamps, she got the hang of it and was stamping on her own.

She was initially shocked at the shapes and I let her investigate the paint covered apple stamps. She had a lot of fun stamping. The green star stamper ended up being her favorite!

Happy Stamping!

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