Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Rainy Day Activities

1. I found this great idea on Laughing Kids Learn for mess free painting. We will definitely be trying this out today. What a great idea for a clean, messy activity!

2. I just found the coolest toddler activity EVER! This is a sensory activity that no child, regardless of age, would ever be able to say no to. This is such an awesome idea brought to you by Hands On As We Grow. This awesome activity has everything little ones love. It is incredibly messy. It is ooey and gooey. It has fun colors. They get to mix and pour, squeeze and spread. It is seriously perfect in every way. We had so much fun playing with Squish. This is definitely going to be a go to rainy day activity for us.

3. Shaving Cream. It's just that simple. By your basic foam shaving cream at the store. Kids can have hours of endless fun with this. Spray it on their highchair, a table top or even a big window and let them have at it!

4. Bottle Top Sort. Alexa had a field day in the kitchen tupperware drawer this morning. She found all of our extra bottle tops and had a blast putting them into and taking them out of a bowl. She liked putting them in her mouth and trying to fit them into one another too. Definitely a quick and easy activity to keep your little one occupied.

5. Cardboard Band. We like to use toilet paper rolls as horns and paper towel rolls as drumsticks. It is an easy way to use your empty cardboard rolls and the kids have fun making a cardboard band! For older kids, let them color and decorate the cardboard rolls before parading around the house pounding their drumsticks or tooting their horns! My little one likes to imitate the noises I make with the horn and attempts to copy the beats I play with the drumsticks. Let your imagination run wild with this one. There are so many ways to have fun!

What other rainy day activities do you enjoy doing with your little one?

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