Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Goop Day!

Michael and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in your traditional flowers, candy, ooh lala kind of way. We hang out and love each other just like we do every other day, only sometimes I make brownies and we eat the whole pan together. With Alexa in the picture, we decided to do a family swimming day....and then we found out the pool doesn't open until nap time and then it's lunch time and just wasn't working out. Instead, I decided to make yummy heart shaped strawberry pancakes for my two loves.

Alexa, of course, wanted to help. So, I let her mix the flour, salt and baking powder together. Then I added the wet ingredients and she REALLY wanted to help. I let her stir it a little bit, but I realized disaster was in the air. That is when I came up with the great idea of letting her make her own pancakes!

First, I gave her a bowl and a spoon that was more Alexa size. I added a little bit of flour to her bowl and let her mix and play with that for a few minutes. When she started getting bored I added some water. She had her own bowl of goop and she was thrilled!

She mixed it. She squished it. She ate it and put it in her hair. She had so much fun and I was able to make her special Valentine's pancakes while she played.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you and your family have a loving, playful day today!

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