Sunday, February 2, 2014

Being a Mom is Hard Work

Does anyone else feel this way? Please don't get me wrong, I am completely and totally obsessed with my little bean, but mommydom is a never ending saga. I always knew being a mom would be completely gratifying for me, and it is. What I didn't realize was that I would be so exhausted that I wouldn't remember the last time I showered, or that making animal sounds and saying "No touch!" would become my go to words of wisdom and all formally educated thoughts would vanish into the recesses of my cobwebbed mind.

Being a mom is hard work.

I never thought of myself as part of a circus act, but lately I kind of feel like the juggler in the big ring. I try to spend enough time encouraging, educating and loving my quickly growing little girl, all the while trying to maintain a clean (relatively) and comfortable home. Please don't forget about my husband because sometimes I do. I honestly don't know who needs more attention, my 11 month old or my husband. Trying to figure out how to make all the balls fall into place is trying even on a good day.

Being a mom is hard work.

Mom's worry about everyone in the house and everything that is going on. I never knew I had enough brain capacity to keep all of this random stuff straight: doctors appointments and activity schedules, the location of my husband's glasses and when and where dinner date night will be. It's all a blur, but most of the time everything gets done. I said most of the time...

Between jet lag and illness, I feel like I've been put through the ringer. I have no desire to do laundry. Cooking dinner, which normally I love to do, has become an awful chore. We've been back for two full weeks and just today I finished unpacking the last suitcase. The stuff is not even all put away, but the suitcases are finally all empty and have been brought back to their home on the shelf in the basement. I feel like I'm never going to get caught up with the housework.

Michael's been home since Thursday afternoon and I feel like I've barely seen him. He watches Alexa and I shower. I watch Alexa and he runs to the grocery store. We've been taking turns baby handling, but haven't had a turn to hang out with each other yet and the weekend is coming to a close.

Being a parent is hard work.

Tomorrow is Monday. New day, new week, new me? I'm trying to get back on track with so many things. It's taking longer than I expected and I think that is part of what is bringing me down. This week hopefully we will all be healthy. We will return to mommy and me fitness class, one thing that always makes me feel better. Hopefully the house will just clean itself!


  1. Welcome to the world of "mommydom" as you said! Just don't forget to spend some quality time with Michael too - that's important!

    1. Thanks! I expect my welcome package will arrive soon? Just kidding. I'm trying to plan a date night soon.