Monday, February 17, 2014

I feel like Supermom

It's a very rare day around here when I get a ton of stuff done. Oh, don't get me wrong, I start a ton of stuff every day, when I ever happen to get around to finishing anything is a whole other story! After a really rough Sunday (Alexa had a high fever all day and night), I somehow woke up this morning energized. Now, let me run through my version of a Monday morning for you. Monday morning (possibly every single morning Monday-Sunday) - can't lift head off pillow, eyelids are glued shut, small person who somehow ended up in my bed is pulling my hair and smooshing my nose so I can't breathe. Yup, that sounds like just about every Monday morning I've had for quite some time.

Today was no different, HOWEVER, once I physically got up and out of bed the dust, dirt and grime of the apartment began mocking me. It was like a magnifying glass had replaced the normal lenses in my glasses and every single speck of dirt became life size. Ew. After Alexa and I had breakfast I took off like a bat out of hell. Washed, dried and put away dishes. Pulled out the vacuum and vacuumed the entire apartment. I went from room to room picking up toys, pulling pillows off the floor and vacuuming over, under and on anything that looked remotely dusty. Did you know there are toys in every single room of our apartment. EVERYSINGLEROOM. This includes the hallway! I stripped all the beds and then put new bedding on. I  took down and folded the dry laundry from the drying rack and hung a new load of freshly washed clothes, then started a new load. Every room had music playing to keep me motivated. I finally took action against the deadly corner in our bedroom, formerly known as Michael's nightstand. It was filled with a random array of crap that belonged nowhere, but attracted Alexa like a bee to honey. There were papers, cough drops, screws, books, cables, name it, anything that Alexa should have exactly zero access to was on that tabletop. It's now living in a shoebox on top of the desk until it finds a permanent new home.

Please, don't think we are horrible parents. We've tried to baby proof, but how do you baby proof EVERYTHING?? Things I would never think she would touch she goes right after. She removed all of the rubber corners we put on the sharp furniture edges. She loves trying to stick her little fingers into the outlets (don't worry, those are safely covered). She is short, but can still make herself big enough to reach up on top of the desk, the bookshelf, into drawers and on counter tops. It is terrifying! She is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING all of the time. 

The entire time I was cleaning, Alexa was a GEM! She played nicely in every room. She even tried to help while I was putting laundry away (aka unfolded all of the clothes that I had just folded). She was patient and played quietly. It was seriously a dream morning. Now that the apartment has stopped mocking me, I think I'll try and come up with a fun activity to do with Alexa after gets up from nap. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that?! I even got the baby down for a nap. Not too shabby for a Monday morning. Not too shabby at all.

Supermom doesn't visit often around here, but when she does, it is AWESOME!

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