Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Playing with Squish!

I found this really cool project idea over at Hands On As We Grow that uses your most basic ingredients: flour and water. They call it flour piping, but we called it Squish! Alexa had the most amazing time creating and playing with Squish. I hope you and your kids have just as much fun!

First, gather your supplies...

Plastic sandwich bags
Washable paints (Optional)

I poured a bunch of flour into a bowl and handed a spoon to Alexa. She thought it was so cool that she was allowed to stir and make a mess with the flour.

Then, I used my watering can and added water. She stirred and played in the flour water mixture the entire time. She tested the texture with her fingers and squished it in her hands. She even tasted it. I helped her stir the flour water mixture until it was nice and soupy.

After we got our Squish to the right consistency, I scooped it into the sandwich bags. We did two sandwich bags with one teaspoon (you probably don't even need that much) of paint per baggie. We used blue and red washable finger paints. I suggest letting a grown up scoop the Squish into the bags because it was super messy. I ended up quickly washing off the baggies before giving them back to Alexa.

Alexa LOVED squishing the baggies to mix all the paint. She wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but once she saw the paint starting to spread she went to town squishing and kneading the bags.

At Hands On As We Grow, they piped the Squish onto paper. That was a little too messy for us, for older toddlers I think it is a perfect idea, so we went to the shower instead! I stripped Alexa down to her diaper and put her and her baggies of Squish right in the shower. I snipped a corner off of each baggie and she was able to paint and play for quite a long time.

I actually think she would have played a lot longer, but she started eating the Squish by the handful and I didn't want her to get a tummy ache. Clean up was a breeze...I turned the shower on and washed it all down the drain. Alexa even benefited from a bubble bath to wash away all the Squish.

Happy Squishing!


  1. This is sooo cute!!! I kinda wanna do it.. need to have kids asap! :D
    And the shower idea is genious!!!

    1. I thought about just letting her play with it on her highchair, but then I imagined my walls covered in Squish and into the shower she went!

  2. Danielle, you are great with all of your ideas for her!!

    1. Thanks Mrs. C! Not all of the ideas are Danielle originals, but I love doing different crafty and sensory activities with her. It's so great to see how she reacts to different activities.