Saturday, June 29, 2013

3 Reasons Why a Naked Dinner is a Good Dinner

Alexa eats real food now...and by real I mean puréed veggie mush. I have learned a few lessons in our first week of veggiedom.

Lesson #1: Babies are messy eaters. Even if you think you have a neat eater on your hands check behind their ears and in their nose...somehow food always ends up there!

Lesson #2: Be prepared! Having a washcloth in the drawer NEXT to the high chair is not going to do anything for you when baby decides she wants to eat sweet potatoes with her whole body. A wet washcloth ON the high chair - now that's smart thinking!

Lesson #3: Orange veggies stain. Baby's wearing one of your favorite outfits? You better strip her down to the diaper if you ever plan on having her wear that outfit again! Every single bib, onesie and washcloth we've used this week now has orange spots all over it. Luckily, I immediately soaked the clothes so most of the stains came out of the clothes and bibs...the washcloths, forget about it. (*note to self - buying white washcloths for a baby, not your best idea ever.) Stick baby in the high chair just in her diaper and bib...clean up is a breeze!

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