Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Months Old

How is it possible that Alexa is already 4 months old? I can't believe that 4 months have really gone by already! In my eyes, she is so big now. She has learned to do so many cool and new things in such a short amount of time. She can already push herself up during tummy time and she loves to grab onto her toys and use them to pull herself up. The day she realized not only that she had hands, but that she is, in fact, in control of those hands was totally amazing! My little bean can't just lay around and let the world pass her by, she's sitting and standing in it watching everything and everyone and taking it all in. I absolutely love watching her discover new things. Every single day she is learning something new, regardless how minute it might be. It is amazing to see that look of concentration and determination cross her face and then to see the exciting light in her eyes as she realizes, "Yes, I did do that!"

I am so proud of the little bean we are raising. She surely is sprouting into an awesome kid. She's full of personality and curiosity. I can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for us!

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