Monday, June 3, 2013

Travel tips: traveling alone with an infant without a stroller

I am so glad that I didn't bring the stroller to the airport with me! Instead, I decided to go with the Baby Bjorn carrier. We did not just go from home to the airport, first we had to take the train from Linz to Vienna.  We were fancy and bought First Class tickets on the Westbahn train to ride down to Vienna. There is no way I would have been able to get a stroller up the stairs of the train and there definitely was nowhere to put it in First Class.

Once we arrived at the airport I was so glad that I had her so close. There were a bunch of creepy people at the airport at 4am and in the carrier absolutely no one could get her! I know that makes me sound paranoid, but I don't care! Going through security was a breeze. I popped her out of the carrier, put the carrier on the belt and the two of us walked through the metal detector. The airport security guards in Vienna, London and the US were AMAZINGLY helpful! They helped me get the carrier back on and Alexa back in it. One of the guards even took a few minutes to talk and coo with her. So cute! I hope our return flight is as successful!


  1. Im surprised that the train had stairs!!! I was on the Westbahn last saturday and it had a ramp...
    I hope you are having an amazing time... and have a great flight home!

  2. It was in the train itself. From the platform into the train was no problem. I think only the old OBB trains still have stairs up from the platform.