Monday, June 10, 2013

Urbano Family Madness!

I have a HUGE family. HUGE. My dad has seven brothers and sisters and those seven brothers and sisters have husbands and wives and children and children who have children. We make up an entire wedding without trying. We are a party everywhere we go. The word silent or quiet is an oxymoron to us. That is what I was brought up being a part of....crazy, loud, loving, fun, kissing, hugging, cheek pinching, story telling, fun loving, picture taking family. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. It is devastating to me that Alexa will not have that constant, crazy madness in her life.

We had a family barbecue for everyone to come and see Alexa (and me!) at my dad's house. It was amazing! ALL of my aunts and uncles were there which made me sooooo happy. My baby was held, rocked, snuggled, kissed, bounced, and played with by so many people that day...and she adored it!

Here are just a few of the pictures we took...

 Alexa and her Great Aunt Donna

 Great Aunt Loretta, Cousin T and Alexa

 Great Aunt Loretta and Great Uncle Tom

 Cousin Lennox and her mommy Ashley with Great Aunt Donna, Great Aunt Loretta and Alexa

 Great Uncle Tom, Grampa, Great Uncle Tom, and the back of Great Uncle Bob's head
(note the hairline...this is where Alexa's hairline comes from!)

 Great Uncle Tom and Great Aunt Cathy with Alexa

 Happy baby!

 Best favorite cousins: Alexa and Lennox

 Great Aunts: Donna, Loretta, and Andrea

Me and Aunt Donna

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