Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Little Fish!

I took Alexa to the pool down the street from our apartment at the Hummelhofbad. It was so great to see her reaction the first time I put her feet and then her whole body into the pool. At first she didn't seem too phased that she was even in the water...I'm not even sure she actually realized where she was! After I bounced her up and down a few times she finally tuned in to her surroundings. In all fairness, there were a LOT of kids at the pool, it was noisy and new, so I'm not surprised she zoned out. I think she was just trying to take it all in. Well, once she realized she was actually in the chilly pool she just chilled out. She was super content to float around sitting on my lap. She even let me lay her down and float around on her back, ears under water (for those of you who have done swim lessons with your little ones, you know...this is a big deal!). She probably would have floated around on her back all afternoon if it wasn't for the blazing sun blinding her. I'm so glad that she had such a great first experience in the water. It definitely opens up so many more possibilities of what we can do during the week and also different places we can go as a family on the weekends or on mini vacations!

On our way to the pool!
 Chilling in the kiddie pool

 All swum out!

 Mommy & Alexa at the pool

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