Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visitation Station

It has been absolutely amazing watching my daughter meet all of my friends and their children and see how she interacts with someone other than myself! We have been completely surrounded by family and friends since our arrival. Alexa has never been around so many people, all at the same time, all vying for her attention...and she LOVES it!

Our week in Delaware was so much fun. I was able to spend some real quality time with John and Andrea and Alexa was able to spend some serious playtime with the girls!

Best Friends

We had a great time visiting our cousin Janice who also lives in Delaware. I thought I took a bunch of pictures, but apparently that was with her camera!  Alexa was spoiled from one end of the state to the other! Karen's mom made the most beautiful quilt for her! (Pictures to follow) She was snuggled and loved and then snuggled and loved some more!

We had a wonderful visit with  my friend Siobhan, whom Alexa just adored.

Siobhan and Alexa

The entire week was fantastic and ended with John and Andrea's wedding! Aunt Les came down to be in the wedding as well, and we all had a great time hanging out and spending time together.

Aunt Les, Me, Alexa, and Auntie Andrea

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