Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Danielle and I am a first time mom. Mom, wow, just typing that word next to "I am..." still seems strange. Anyhow, this blog is all about the trials and tribulations I face learning to cope and adapt to motherhood. My amazingly adorable daughter, Alexa, is the bean. She has been the bean, string bean, coffee bean...every type of bean you can imagine, since I was around ten weeks pregnant. Once we get to know one another a little better then maybe I'll tell you about the horror and torture that was my pregnancy. It was, by the way, the longest pregnancy known to man...even my friends will attest to that.

This is honestly the best picture of me that exists since I've given birth. Pregnancy and motherhood have made me one of the most unphotogenic people out there. It's kind of horrifying what every 3-hour feedings and ten weeks of sleepless nights do to a person.

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