Friday, May 17, 2013

A travel bean

Next Thursday, my little string bean and I will be leaving for the US to visit friends and family for a few weeks. I have been trying to plan out in my head what I'll need to bring for myself and for Alexa for our trip. Now, normally I can fill a large suitcase just with clothes and shoes for myself. This trip, however, I could probably just bring a carry on with my clothes in it because I'm at that awful in-between stage of post pregnancy where nothing fits. I still can't fit into any of my regular jeans, shorts or pants, and most of my shirts are now too tight in the boob area. I know what you're thinking..."just wear maternity clothes!" If only life were that easy! Most of my maternity clothes are now too big. I still have a left over baby bump, but it's not quite big enough to rock most of my maternity pants. One pair is passable and I live in them or my yoga pants. I have been searching and searching for some kind of jeans or capri pants in my new in-between size, but apparently they don't exist here in Austria. APPARENTLY, Austrian chicks pop out kids and immediately go back to stick figure sizes! That is so not me.

Anyway, I've found a packing list on Baby Center that looks pretty decent, so I think I might follow it and see how things go. I also know that I don't need to bring quite as many clothes for Alexa as I normally would need because so many family and friends have bought a bunch of stuff for her. This, hopefully, will make packing a little easier.

Packing Checklist for Traveling with Baby

Pre-birth I was so excited about my trip to the US and not nervous about traveling with an infant at all. Now, I realize that I have booked the worst possible flight imaginable. The layover is nearly impossible and we will be lucky to make our connection. Good thing I've been working out! Maybe I'll be able to sprint from one terminal to the next with a stroller, a baby, her diaper bag and my carry on! (Good luck!) Just thinking about the entire trip makes me a little queasy. I'll be traveling nearly 13 hours alone with a 3 month old. People keep telling me not to worry too much, that not knowing what to expect is the worst part. I just hope my little bean likes the airplane. She's pretty good being calmed down with white noise or sleep machines, so hopefully the hum of the airplane will lull her to sleep and we will have an uneventful trip.

Any suggestions or tips on traveling with infants or what to pack?

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