Thursday, May 23, 2013

Family Picture

I am obsessed with taking pictures of Alexa. It doesn't matter what time of day, what she is doing, or where we are...I am always clicking away. She's three months old today and I've already taken over 1400 photos on my iPhone, plus an easy 200-300 pictures on my father in-laws fancy camera. Somehow, we never manage to get a family picture. I'm pretty sure one exists from the first couple of days after Alexa's birth, but I can't seem to find it (*cough...don't ever want anyone to see it...cough*). The next family picture we have is from a barbecue we went to last weekend. The first couple only included the top of Alexa's head...I guess I need to work on my self-portrait photography!

Any tips on how to get an infant to actually pay attention in a family photo?

Here was the best one. Obviously I plan on framing it.

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