Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things you shouldn't do while wearing a baby in a wrap...

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of baby stuff that her son had grown out of when she found out I was pregnant. Among all of the clothes, toys, bathtub, and array of other baby paraphernalia was a Moby Wrap. For those of you who, like me a few months ago, have no idea what the heck a Moby Wrap is or what you do with it, I'm here to tell you, I don't really know either, but I'm winging it and it seems to be going ok.

Apparently "baby wearing" is the new fad when it comes to baby transportation and baby carrying. You no longer need to use your arms to carry your child, you can just wear your baby, like your favorite blue sweater! This idea is both very strange and very appealing to me, so I attempted to figure out the Moby. It can't be that hard, right? Wrong!! The Moby Wrap is 10+ feet of very soft, comfy fabric that you have to fold, bunch, and wrap in a certain way to get it to a more manageable and baby friendly size. This took me weeks, literally, of aggravating practice to get the thing on the right way. Alexa was about nine weeks old when I finally felt comfortable enough to wear her in it, that and the fact that a gas pain induced screaming fit required me to wrap that thing like I'd never wrapped it before, and Voila! a functioning wrap and a very calm and happy baby. I'm not claiming to be a professional or anything, but I can now wrap it two ways: the Hug Hold and the Kangaroo Hold. My little bean burrito prefers to ride Kangaroo style so I wrap her up snug and we bounce on the gym ball or go for a walk, or just hang out around the house.

This is a picture of the Moby Wrap:

Now, as cool and functional as the Moby Wrap is, there are just some things a mom, well, this mom...has a great deal of difficulty doing. One of those things is eating or drinking. I've basically discovered that in order to eat anything while wearing my baby, it must be a solid, non-crumbling food. This is not leaving me with many options. I have so far dropped quinoa all over my sleeping baby, mashed potatoes have been found in her hair, and yogurt splattered on her cheek. This is not good. And I swear I am not that much of a slob! Pre-baby wearing I was really good at feeding myself. The only food I have been able to successfully eat and not get all over my baby is carrots. Maybe I've come up with the next popular postpartum diet:  wear your baby, eat only carrots and lose weight instantly!!

Hopefully I'll learn how to eat in a less sloppy way as I continue to wear my baby all over the place. Until then, maybe I should be the one wearing a bib?!

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