Monday, May 20, 2013

8 Greatest Things About My Baby

1. When she smiles at me my heart melts all over the place.

2. She is actually starting to coo a bit, so I no longer feel like I'm talking to myself all day long.

3. She is the cutest thing EVER!! (I'm kind of biased.)

4. She is starting to recognize voices and faces and she just lights up when it is someone familiar.(Grandma, Oma, Uncle Joe)

5. I get to do all kinds of cool projects with her and she is still too small to refuse!

6. She does something new almost every single day and watching her learn and grow is unbelievably amazing.

7. Mocking her when she cries makes her stop crying and start smiling instead!

8. Even when I act like a sleep deprived lunatic, she'll giggle, smile, or just look at me and I know that every second of sleeplessness has been worth it.

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