Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Packing for a bean

Ok, so the suitcase is officially packed. I'm pretty sure that all of my stuff would have easily fit in a carry on with room to spare. Alexa, however, could have easily filled a huge suitcase to the brim (and this is packing lightly!).  Between, bibs, burp cloths and extra diapers, I'm surprised there was any room for my stuff at all! We're traveling for three weeks, the Baby Packing List says to pack two outfits for every day you are gone. That would be 30 outfits for her! Luckily, she will be spoiled rotten in the US, so I've packed 8 outfits (including jammies). She'll be fine. It's all the little stuff that ends up taking up all of the room. Socks, sun hats, her blanket (which I can't forget to pack!)...

This is my section of the suitcase...(including shoes and toiletries)

This is Alexa's stuff...(suitcase, plus diaper bag and sling carrier - not shown: stroller)

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