Monday, October 21, 2013

The Never Ending Battle of the Bulge: Mommy Makeover - Week 15

**UPDATE** I did in fact weigh myself on Tuesday and I gained .1kg from last week. Boo. Hopefully I'll do better at the next weigh in. 

Okay, get ready for my pity party....

Waah waah waah I still have 10 kilos (22 pounds) of baby weight to lose. Waah waah waah I eat chocolate and am no longer losing weight. Waah waah waah I hate everything today because I forgot to weigh myself before breakfast and did so after I ate two slices of toast, eggs and a coffee and now I am sad because the scale went up instead of down. Oh woah is me.

Okay, this is pathetic. I know it is. I failed to do any of the things I wanted to do last week...walk a 5k - nope, new tunes - nada, motivation - hahahahaha. One cool thing I did (twice) last week was run over 3k. The first time I ran 3.2k (2 miles!!) I felt amazing and pumped and a little bit like I was going to die. The second time I ran 3k it was with a friend and we were talking and running and I pretty much felt like I was going to die most of the time. Talking and running is HARD! I am looking forward to my run tonight. Baby girl has been kicking my butt day and night and the lack of sleep is definitely starting to affect me. Running is pretty much keeping me sane right now.

The stupid scale said I gained .5kg this week...I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning BEFORE breakfast and we'll call that this week's weigh in.

Happy Monday from the cranky chubby mama over here!

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