Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nothing but Love

We went to Germany two weeks ago for our friend's wedding and we were lucky enough that Leslie also came for the wedding and to visit her family in Germany. Seeing as Les is pretty much one of my most favorite people in the world, I could only hope that she would end up being one of Alexa's most favorite people as well...well, my little bean didn't let me down!

We got lucky and were able to spend the entire week last week with Leslie. Alexa was absolutely in love with her the entire week. Now, you have to understand, my daughter is pretty stingy with her kisses. She doesn't give them freely or to just anyone, but she was all over her Aunt Les! It was kissapalooza!

It made me so happy to see how excited Alexa was to see her Aunt Les, especially since she had only spent a little bit of time with her when we were in the US when she was three months old. I loved watching them play and be goofy together. It also made me super sad to know that they'll only get to be goofy and love on each other maybe once or twice a year since we live so far away. Oh well, I can't dwell on those things.

It was seriously so great to be able to hang out for the entire week with Les and have things be like the good old days. It was even better to share our humor and sarcasm with Alexa. She was constantly laughing at all of the sarcastic and mocking things Les said to her. It was awesome. Alexa even hung out late night with us a couple of nights; playing and babbling with the girls. Glad to see my kid can hang!

Until next year, we love you Aunt Les!!

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