Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fever

I'm from Connecticut. A true, northeastern girl. I live on flowery Springs, hot Summers, cool and colorful Autumns and snowy Winters. Living in Austria we have all four seasons, but the Fall here does not even begin to compare to the gorgeous Fall back home. Here, we go from stiflingly hot Summers to a week of Fall and then freezing cold Winter.

I miss the transition. I miss the red and orange leaves that create a canopy over every street. I miss the smell of those leaves! Yes, Fall has a smell and it is delicious! Apple picking, apple cider smells, pumpkin picking and pumpkin pies. The crunchy sound when you walk (run) through the fallen leaves. I miss this!

As you drive along the highway you can see some colorful remnants of Autumn here in Upper Austria, but those tidbits are way up in the mountains, not close enough to smell or crunch on. I've been Falling hard all week. I'm trying to make up for my Fall Fever by making soup after soup (last night I made a butternut squash soup and butternut squash raviolis!) and by trying to fill the house with Autumn scents.

(Cut an apple in half, put it in a pot of water with a cinnamon stick and let it simmer on the stove all YUM!)

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