Friday, October 4, 2013

A Breach in Babyland!

We've set up a corner in the living room with foam mats, blankets, pillows and all of Alexa's toys. We did this before she could exactly sit up on her own. I'm sure it was very "first time mom" of me, but she fell back A LOT while learning to sit up and I wanted her to still be able to play independently, but do so safely. Alas, Babyland was born! Babyland has been amazing. It keeps all (most) of her toys in one area of the apartment, she can sit, lay, roll, pretty much do whatever she wants in a safe environment (or so I thought...).

We've had a breach in Babyland. Now, I admit the corner I chose for Babyland is not exactly the baby friendliest corner in the apartment, however, it is the ONLY available corner in the living room. I wasn't given many choices to begin with.

From pictures, you can see the television hook up, an additional satellite or some kind of plug hook up and an electrical outlet. I am looking for ways to cover these up. They are higher up on the wall, but still, it won't be too much longer before my exploring bean can stand up and poke her little fingers in those holes. I have already put a child safety plug on the actual outlet.

The heater is also in Babyland. Ugh. Worse off, is the control to the heater. It is the dial at the bottom right hand corner. I've been hiding it with a pillow and a toy box, but Alexa discovered it the other day. She wanted to suck on it. Gross. Danger. Gross. Danger. Luckily the heat isn't on and so the heating unit and the pipes are not hot.

She also discovered the coffee table. Now, God forbid we have a normal coffee table. No, we have one that extends up and down. What do you think my child wanted to explore? Yup, the springs and pieces under the table that extend it upwards...a.k.a. baby finger squashers.

The coffee table is now living in the cellar. That is the one thing I was able to remove to make Babyland slightly safer. As for the rest of the stuff...I can't exactly rip the heater off the wall or move the radio and cable outlets. So what do I do? Any advice would be great! How did you baby proof your house?

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