Thursday, October 10, 2013


I love doing art projects with Alexa! I bought a small canvas at our local craft store and used finger paints to create some footprint art. The activity is relatively quick and has minimal clean up, plus your little one gets some sensory stimulation on their toes! Alexa liked to scrunch her toes in the paint.

Paper Plate
Spoon or paint brush
canvas (any size you like)
baby wash
finger paints

I combined a bit of red and blue finger paint, along with one squirt of Alexa's baby bath (makes for easier clean up) and mixed the paint together on a paper plate.

I then smooshed Alexa's adorable little feet in the paint and stepped her foot down onto the canvas. I wanted to make it look like she walked across the canvas so I angled the footprints a bit.

Finger paints dry very quickly and then you are left with this adorable piece of artwork!