Thursday, September 5, 2013

Suzy and Martha

Recently, my Suzy Homemaker/Martha Stewartness has been vibing strong. I have been quite creative and crafty in the living room, not to mention super adventurous in the kitchen.

I attempted to make my own "Kinderwagonkette", or stroller toy, which was a total flop, so I moved on to knitting. I decided that I wanted to knit Alexa a hat!

Well, hat #1 was a little bit too tiny...and by little, I mean it is now her doll's hat.

It was a fun, quick project though, so I grabbed the bull by the horns, or the baby by the head(?!), remeasured and started anew. I even used old knitting squares and pulled together a pretty neat hat! Since then, I have had hat knitting fever!

Plus, I have the cutest hat model imaginable!

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