Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm a Baby Wearing Mama!

Who would have thought that I would be so into "wearing" my little bean. I knew we would need some kind of a baby carrier, but thought that a simple Baby Bjorn would be enough. How wrong was I! A friend gave me a Moby and after a few months of practicing how to tie the wrap and learning the different ways to wear it, I am completely obsessed. Another friend gave me a Ring Sling, which is similar to the Nordstrom Slings & Wraps... I use all three of the baby carriers all the time. When we go out hiking I usually stick to the Baby Bjorn because I find that it is extra supportive whether Alexa is rear or forward facing. Around the house and around the neighborhood, I constantly use the Moby. It is so comfortable and if I need to wear her while I am vacuuming or doing other chores around the house, it is my go to wrap. Grocery shopping or walking around the mall, I am all about the Ring Sling. I can carry her in a sitting position, a lying position and can even nurse in this wrap. No wonder baby wearing is so popular!

What's your favorite way to wear your baby?


  1. Well... my baby is my puppy... and my favorite way is in her stroller :D
    The Nordstrom one doesnt look really comfortable... for the mom, I think I would like the BabyBjorn, as in the Moby I feel the baby could fall :D
    But thats just babyless me :D


    1. I love it! You should post some Lemon in a stroller pictures! The Moby is SO SECURE! And all of them are really comfortable. Just you wait, once you are no longer babyless you will have tons of baby wearing options at your disposal!