Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alexa's Favorite Toys - 6 months

In the last month and a half, Alexa has really started playing and interacting with her toys. She shakes rattles, knocks over block towers and of course, puts everything in her mouth! Pictured below are her five absolute favorite toys these days.

The Oball that we have is even cooler than the one pictured here because it rattles!

Her soft blocks are not only good for stacking (my job) and knocking over (her job), but they're also soft enough that if she falls over she won't get hurt. Apparently, they also taste pretty good since she's always got them in her mouth!

The pink rattle is great because not only can she make lots of noise by shaking it all around, but the opposite end is perfect for gumming and teething on.

Her stacking cups are my favorite. Such a simple idea, but so many fun games to play with them! We stack towers (my job) and she knocks them over (her job), plus we play hide and seek by placing smaller toys under the larger cups. We say the names of the colors while we stack too. Alexa likes to practice pretend "drinking" from the cups as well.

Her all time favorite toy of the moment is the Fisher Price Puppy, or puppy as we call him. She got the Fisher Price Puppy as a gift from a friend of the family when we were in the US and it is such a great toy! At first I thought it was bulky and would never be played with, but I was seriously wrong. She loves all the songs and rhymes the puppy sings and pretty much everywhere you push on the puppy starts up some kind of interactive game, song, poem, or other learning element. She even gives puppy a hug when he asks!

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