Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pottery Class with the Ladies

Our lovely group!

On Saturday, I organized a girls night out at the ceramic studio, Made By You, in Linz. We had such a fantastic time!

There were ten of us gals and we ranged from super skilled artist to not skilled at all, but we all were able to create some really beautiful pieces. First, Dana, the owner, explained that we should pick our bisque. This is basically a piece of unfired ceramic. Once we chose which piece to do, she explained all of the different techniques and paints that we could use. There were dozens of different colors, paintbrushes, sponges, stamps, stencils, idea books and a variety of other tools at our disposal for creating our masterpiece.

My mug, before it was finished.

I chose to do a mug this time, since I made a dessert plate last time with my mom. The other ladies chose all different pieces - plates, mugs, bowls, tiles, tea bag holders. You name it, we painted it! Some of the gals even put together a set.

This set was created by my friend over at  Novelstyle Blog.

We had such a wonderful time and I am so thankful to everyone who joined in. It was great meeting other English speaking Expats from the community and as always, fun hanging out with my usual group of friends. I am so looking forward to doing the screen printing workshop at Made By You in July!

Here are some of the other wonderful pieces that were made!

 I can't wait to pick up the finished pieces on Thursday!!

How did you get creative today?


  1. It was such an awesome day! Can't wait to pick my things and see how they turned out... :D
    Might actually go again to paint a rectangular plate... :)
    Thanks for organizing!!!

    1. Everything came out so beautifully! I still can't believe we have such a talented group of friends. Let's do it again....and again...and again!