Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gluten Free is not for me.

So it's been a full two weeks since I started this low histamine, gluten free diet to help (hopefully) eliminate my migraines. Day 7 was the first migraine free day. (AWESOME!) I haven't had a migraine since. (EVEN MORE AWESOME!) However, I've had two slight headaches. One was due to the drastic change in barometric pressure and the second was from my new glasses. New glasses always make my eyes tired and give me a bit of a headache.

(What do you think of my new glasses? They're PURPLE!)

Anyway, I am supposed to do this low histamine diet for a full four weeks, but I just don't think I can cut it. I am dying for flavor! I want pasta with sauce and meatballs. I want CHEESE!! I want to eat out! I have finally found two different kinds of gluten free bread that are not only tolerable, but actually taste pretty good, however, I would kill for a laugenstangerl (a pretzel bread). We'll see how much longer I realistically hold out.

I think it might be in my best interest to start slowly reintroducing foods back into my diet. I'll do it just like I introduced new foods to Alexa; one new food every three days as long as there is no reaction. That's my plan. Yeah, this is totally going to happen. See you later gluten free! Bring on the histamines!

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