Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Last Beautiful Fall Day in Linz

A little over a week ago, we experienced the most beautiful Fall day. A blue, cloudless sky and a wonderfully warming sun. We had to take advantage of this day, so we headed to the park! We went for a little walk and then headed directly to the playground. Up until this point Alexa hasn't really done the playground scene very much. The last time we went to a little playground near us she did play in the sand and sit in the play house. Slides, swings and other playground toys she has just been too little for...until now!

She had so much fun on the baby slide! I didn't even realize that such a little slide existed, but was really happy to see Alexa having fun on it.

Then she went big time and went down the big slide with her Papa! Smiles all over the place! And also, my favorite new picture of my favorite two people in the world.

She swung on the swing with me and was so curious about the chains. I was even able to sit her on the swing alone (I was holding her up in the back!) to snap a couple of quick pictures.

 We had such a great day. I even got a couple of new family photos!

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