Monday, November 4, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 17 Shredderific!

I officially completed the first ten days of Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Let me tell you, the last ten days have been anything but easy. I've found myself cursing at the little person in my television, but carrying on with the exercises anyway. I've sweat like I've never sweat before. I'm not going to lie, sweating with a purpose is pretty, "I totally earned this sweat, so back off bitches." - that kind of exhilarating. I can do push ups now. Yes, they're still the girlie kind, but I can do like twenty in a row without stopping. When I started ten days ago I could do five and then I needed a break. Booyah push ups, I am not afraid of you!

It has been quite an interesting journey thus far. I have lost 6 cm in my stomach, 3 cm in my arms and 3 cm in my TEN DAYS. AMAZING. I have gained .5kg, but we're calling that muscle and calling it a day. Today is rest day and then tomorrow I am kicking off Level 2 of the Shred. Let's just say I'm a little nervous.

This entire Mommy Makeover has been an interesting road. I've become more aware of the food that I'm eating and what is IN the food that I eat and make for my family than I had ever been before. Stuff that they put in our food is SCA-A-ARY! I have become so much more fit, just in general. I'm pushing myself every week, every day to achieve new bests for myself. Michael and I did a cat and mouse running workout over the weekend. It was really cool. We were both able to get a bit of running in for the day, we spent time together as a family (did I mention Alexa was with us?) and we were outdoors. Sweet! In general, my entire perception of health and wellness has been altered.

Cat & Mouse Relay
Person A, Person B, baby (in a stroller)

Goal: get a run in, better individual time, short distance training

We ran on a 1.2km track. At the start, Person A starts running, meanwhile Person B pushes baby in the stroller in the OPPOSITE direction. When Person A and Person B cross paths, they trade positions. Person B is now running and Person A is pushing baby. Person A and B change directions, baby is always pushed in the same direction. Continue for as long as you can!

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