Monday, November 25, 2013

Mommy Makeover - Week 19

I've finally finished Level 2 of the Shred! I am so insanely happy with my progress and proud of myself for busting my butt and getting this far. I'll be starting Level 3 today (EEEEEK!). I even managed to lose over a kilo after having Thanksgiving this weekend! Woot woot!

Getting Shredded from Day 1-Day 20:
Weight loss  2.6kg
Waist 10cm
Arms 5cm
Thighs 10cm

Total weight loss from 19 weeks of Mommy Makeover: 20.8kg (45.76 pounds)
Weight left to lose to achieve pre-preggo weight status...7.2kg

I already know that Level 3 is going to be the devil. I am so ready for this. BRING IT ON JILLIAN!!

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